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Joe’s 40th

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So Much Sunshine When We’re Gone

First things first: shout out to Rob W. for the stylin’ shuttle bus ride to the Seattle airport so we could begin our trip : )  and to Dana’s Mom and Dad for house and pet sitting while we were gone.

When we landed in Costa Rica we were herded through customs and immigration where I received my FIRST EVER stamp in my passport. I expressed this exciting detail to the officer. He wasn’t as excited about it as I was though. Party pooper. Niceties with the friendly officer completed (and my passport stamped!) we focused on the task of finding our hotel for the night which was supposed to be right near the airport. It wasn’t. So we entered the fray of cab drivers outside the gentle air-conditioned aeropuerto and got right into the sweat and smell of San Jose. Our cab driver took us on a short cut route… through pastures and over bridges and past scary looking parts of town. Maybe it was a shortcut. Maybe we were just Americans standing outside the airport looking confused. Either way, $15 cab ride (not bad) later we arrived at our home for the evening: Hotel la Rosa de America.

The cab and the cab driver. Maybe a cousin of the immigration official. Same sense of humor.


Front porch from our hotel room


Our room.


Joe didn't share my sentiments for the swan towels. Thanks for protecting me from the wildlife, hon.


Garden at the hotel


The hotel restaurant


Morning coffee at 6AM(ish) on the patio. Beautiful sunny day. Happy girl.


More to come.

Safely in Costa Rica

Can’t remember any passwords or get into facebook or skype, so here’s our update. Arrived safely in San Jose. Staying here tonight then venturing out on our own to find Santa Teresa tomorrow! Beautiful evening. Great local hotel la rosa de america. can’t seem to upload pics on this computer. will try again if we find another place we can log on.


dana and joe



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